18 February 2024 

The West Australian Photographic Federation Incorporated (WAPF) is the principal amateur photographic body in Western Australia. The aim is to support and connect photography clubs based in Western Australia. 

In addition to the WAPF Constitution, this document describes the activities of the WAPF committee in managing its business. It also describes the services the WAPF can provide to its member clubs. This document is issued by the WAPF committee and subject to revision by The Committee. Member clubs are invited to submit amendments to this Policy and Procedure document. 

1. Guidelines for Clubs Seeking Affiliation with WAPF 

Application is to be made via our online form on the affiliated clubs page. 

  • Club structure recommended by the WAPF for member clubs to adhere to: 

Executive : 

  • President 
  • Vice President 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 


  • Competition Director 
  • Event Director 
  • Note an individual must not hold 2 or more of the offices of the Executive at the same time. 
  • Share a common goal of fellowship in photography. 
  • Hold regular meetings with exhibitions and or workshops. 
  • Maintain membership records. 
  • Have a club bank account with 2 signatures from Executive officers, with records kept by the Treasurer 
  • Membership, Perth metropolitan or outer metropolitan clubs should have a minimum of 10 members and Regional clubs 5 members. 

Once the application is approved by the WAPF Committee the club will be required to pay the relevant club and member affiliation fee. 

On receipt of this payment, the club will officially become affiliated with the WAPF and added to the Insurance certificate of currency. 

While incorporation of your club is not a requirement, it is highly recommended as it provides some level of protection to volunteers. 

2. Conflicts of Interest 

A conflict of interest occurs when a WAPF meeting agenda topic is, or may appear to be, a conflict between the personal interests of a WAPF committee member and their committee responsibilities. It also includes the personal interests of family members and the interests of a WAPF committee member’s club. It is where the committee member, family or club may profit from the committee decision. 

When a conflict of interest arises, this shall be declared by the committee member and recorded in the minutes. The committee member in conflict shall not engage in discussion of the agenda item nor vote on its adoption. The committee may vote to ask the member to leave the meeting while the matter is discussed. 

WAPF can only deal with member clubs and not individual members of a member club as this could be a conflict of interest. 

3. WAPF Managed Activities 

These include competitions, exhibitions, workshops, conventions, training packages, etc. put on to achieve The Federation’s aims. 

These activities are open to all WAPF member clubs and their membership. Non-members may be admitted at a price premium. 

Each new activity may only proceed on approval of a proposal including a financial plan by The Committee. The aim is to distribute WAPF funds to best advantage member clubs. 

Recurrence of the activity requires approval by The Committee based upon the success of previous events. Success is based upon the level of involvement, positive feedback from clubs and sponsors and required monetary support. 

a) Refund Policy 

  • Refunds of entry fees to competitions will not be given. 
  • Refunds for events managed by the WAPF may be given provided the cancellation is made no less than 7 days prior to the event start time or. 
  • Refund Policy may be varied by the organisers of an event. 
  • Refund Policy must be included on the booking form for each event. 
  • Refund amount will be the amount paid less 5% to cover costs. 
  • Should an event be cancelled by the organisers, all fees will be refunded in full. 

4. WAPF Support for Club Activities 

One of the main objects of the WAPF is to support member clubs in organising their activities. 

The WAPF recognises that there is an element of competition between clubs and will not provide funds to a club that gets into financial difficulties unless approved by a General Meeting of the WAPF, because this is in effect subsidy by other clubs in the Federation. 

The WAPF may provide financial support to clubs for an activity that satisfies the following criteria. 

  • Promotes photography and camera club membership to the general public – example running a public exhibition of photographs, and/or 
  • Involves one or more other WAPF member clubs. – examples interclub or open-to-all photographic competition, workshop, or training by a leading specialist 

Member clubs wishing to claim financial support for an activity must submit an application for approval by the committee at least 4 months before the activity is to commence. This shall: 

  • State the amount required 
  • Detail what the funds will be used for (examples: competition prize, fees to leading specialist). 
  • Provide a budget breakdown for the activity. 

The claim is subject to approval by the WAPF committee and subject to the availability of funds. If the event is approved, the WAPF may help also by providing advertising of the event via our website, newsletter and social media. We may also be able to collect entrance fees for the event using our Payment Gateway. Any expenses WAPF incurs in helping run the event (eg PayPal charges) are to be costed against the budget. 

Resources for clubs 

WAPF aims to provide suggestions that clubs might find useful for arranging their programmes. This includes the WAPF Photography 101 Training presentations that can be found on the on the WAPF website. 

The WAPF welcomes suggestions from clubs that could be useful to share with other clubs. This includes events, tours, workshops and IT resources such as software plugins and packages. Suggestions can be made on the WAPF Member Clubs Facebook page. 

5. WAPF Annual Convention PhotoWest 

Each year the WAPF annual convention PhotoWest is hosted by one or more member clubs. The purpose of PhotoWest is an annual convention of club members with keynote speakers and workshops with the aim of networking, learning new skills and making connections in a room of like-minded photographers. This is a conference spanning 3 days- Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, Sunday morning, with catering over the 3 days, and a conference and PrintWest awards dinner on the Saturday night. 

Member clubs may apply in writing to host and organise this convention up to three years before it is due. If no member club has applied two years before a convention, the WAPF shall seek involvement of one or more clubs. 

The annual convention is a collaboration between the host club and the WAPF committee. In the planning stage the host club is responsible for finding a venue, setting the date, outlining 

the programme, arranging catering and establishing a budget. These arrangements must be approved by the WAPF committee. The WAPF will provide the host club will with advice based upon experience. WAPF will be the liaison with major sponsors of the event. Clubs are not to seek any sponsorship without the permission of the WAPF. The host club will provide WAPF with monthly updates on the planning. 

The host club will provide volunteers to ensure smooth running before, during and after the convention. In the event of difficulties finding sufficient volunteers WAPF will provide assistance. 

The annual convention PhotoWest is also the culmination of the WAPF interclub print competition PrintWest. Provision is to be made by the host club to exhibit the 100 PrintWest finalist prints. The host club will organise the hire and set up of the exhibition panels. The images will be hung by WAPF. The results of the PrintWest competition will be announced at the Saturday night conference dinner. 

Any financial surplus from the convention will go to the host club. WAPF will underwrite any financial loss. 

6. Photographic Events Involving Other Entities 

The WAPF may be involved in managing events jointly with other organisations, for example the WA Photographic Salon. Management of these events is by negotiation with these other organisations. 

Events managed by a third party may only be promoted to clubs and club members if that event complies with the following: 

  • There must be a direct financial benefit to members of clubs affiliated with the WAPF. In other words, a discount is offered to WAPF members of 10 to 15%. 
  • And/or there must be a direct financial benefit to the WAPF by way of an advertising fee. (The 2024 advertising fees: $25 for Event Advisor adverts where there is a discount for WAFP members, and $75 where no discount is offered) 

7. WAPF Photography Competitions 

Each year The Federation hosts PrintWest, our interclub competition. The competition is timed so that the prizes can be presented at the annual convention PhotoWest. WAPF may host other competitions in the future. 

WAPF has Core Rules that apply to photographic competitions run by The Federation which is found on the WAPF website. These rules define the formatting of digital images and matted prints entered into competitions. Clubs are requested to use these rules for their own exhibition nights so that their members are familiar with them. 

The rules specific to a WAPF competition override these Core Rules. 

The Core Rules do not apply to the WA Photographic Salon. 

8. Sponsorships 

The WAPF welcomes the support of all sponsors and commits to work with sponsors who enhance the activities of the WAPF and or its member clubs with the following aims: 

  • To encourage trade and service providers to support the development of amateur photographers in Western Australia via active involvement and financial support of the WAPF and member clubs 
  • To ensure that sponsors of the WAPF are aware and support the overall objectives and policies of the WAPF. 
  • To find areas of sponsorship involvement which complement WAPF activities and at the same time add value to the sponsors’ areas of business. 
  • To provide trade show opportunities in conjunction with WAPF events where possible and offer this opportunity to WAPF sponsors. 
  • To utilise the skill, knowledge, and areas of expertise of sponsors to help deliver practical help, education and hands on training for our members. 
  • To work with all our sponsors to help them promote their own workshops and training programs, separately or in conjunction with WAPF events. 
  • To allow sponsors to communicate promotions, events and offers to our members. 

All events where sponsorship is involved a Sponsorship Agreement will be entered into.