Fee Payment 2024

Affiliated clubs follow guidelines of support, structured meetings, and information, and have public liability protection insurance.

Click on the name of any club in the lists to the left to find more information about the club, including contact details.

Current and potential new member clubs should be aware that ONLY financial member clubs' are covered by our public liability insurance.  Clubs who have not paid their annual affiliation fee (renewal due before 31 March each year) will not be covered under the WAPF Policy. 

We appreciate feedback on any club - encouraging or concerning. Please email me: President@wapf.com.au

CLICK HERE for the 2024 Annual Affiliation Fees form

How to start a Camera Club?

CLICK HERE For a quick start guide

CLICK HERE For a more detailed guide

In Addition you may also contact any of the WAPF Committee who are all very keen to assist you.

How to apply for Affiliation?

CLICK HERE to apply for affiliation

If your existing club would like to join the WAPF as an Affiliate then use this link to apply and your application will be reviewed by the WAPF committee.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed by the WAPF committee, once approved you will be advised to pay your affiliation fee  plus a per member fee as adopted by the previous AGM, when that payment is received your club will be affiliated with the WAPF and we look forward to a long mutually beneficial association.

The WAPF requires clubs to have a minimum of 10 members for metro clubs and 6 members for regional clubs at the time of affiliation

WAPF History

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Office Bearers Breakfast 2024

2024 OBB

How to promote a club event?

CLICK HERE To include your club events in the WAPF Newsletter

Then over 1000 Camera Club members will see and maybe book to come to your event.

How to join the WAPF Mailing LIst?

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The WAPF sends out a newsletter approximatly each 2 weeks, this is the WAPF Event Advisor, it contains information on all up coming WAPF events and events run by Affiliated Clubs that are open to all.

This will keep you fully informed about all activities of the WAPF and its affiliated clubs, it is also open to Businesses that support the WAPF and anyone with an interest in photography.

How to promote a non club event?

CLICK HERE  to let us know

Please note, accessing Clubs directly to promote your event(s) is not the appropriate approach and will mostly alienate your business or orginisation, as the committee is drawn from within these clubs., we will be aware of any direct approach.

The proper approach is to contact the WAPF Events Manager, who may well assist you, such that all both parties benefit! It would be expected that you would provide some additional benefit to the WAPF membership, and a small fee will be requested.